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Vistage Program

Leading People to Greatness in the Age of Ai and Automation 

Ai and Automation are imperatives for nearly all CEOs. Noble Automation describes an integrated leadership approach to successfully implementing Intelligent Automation and Ai, while retaining and motivating top talent. Program participants will receive an overview of seven proven elements for successful implementation. Specific concepts, actions and outcomes are described for key C-Suite members. 

Key Decisions:

  • Where to focus first with Automation and Ai (Areas of Business, Processes, Teams).

  • How to address and engage employees to assure top talent remains with the company. 

  • What pitfalls can waste time money and careers and how to avoid them.


In this interactive session leaders will discover how to pinpoint their highest leverage actions and decisions for enabling their teams to succeed with Ai and Automation.  Takeaways include a list of tasks and best practices for leadership team members and measurements to assess their progress.


Member Value

Leaders will leave the session understanding the principles, tools, and measures, applicable across functions, for successfully implementing Ai and Automation while motivating their teams and delivering value. These will be enhanced by other member experiences and lessons. Specifically, they will take away:

  • Best practices for project selection, execution, and talent retention 

  • How to apply the “Hero’s Journey” framework for talent retention and attraction advantage.

  • Concrete techniques to prevent runaway project costs big consulting bills.


Bottom line benefits - shorter projects, lower costs, retaining top talent, and company profitability. 

Abstract Background

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