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Choosing the right speaker is a difficult, high-risk job.  Your Job!

More than anything you want your event to delight and energize your audience. Chris has personally spent years in your audience’s seats, hoping for a great talk and tangible takeaways.

He also knows that speakers must successfully combine his ideas and messages with your organization’s situation, history and needs.

Chris customizes his talks to fit the audience by working to understand your organization in advance. This preparation and his 30 years of leadership experience help him craft the message your organization needs to hear so you can focus on the rest of the event.

10 Reasons

10 Reasons to Hire Chris as Your Speaker

  1. Chris is a gifted speaker, educator and entertainer. His  business and multicultural life experiences connect with global professional audiences.

  2. He has delighted, entertained and educated audiences in Asia, North America, and Europe. Companies have included: General Electric, Nokia, NICE, Deloitte, Statestreet, Accenture, Pepsico, Danske Bank, Quaker Foods, US Department of the Navy, Ericson, Carlsberg, Walmart, and many more.

  3. Chris was the highest rated leadership instructor for Accenture's leadership training academy, three years running.

  4. His style is flexible and effective with the C-suite, small groups and concert audiences.

  5. Chris speaks from the real-world experience of leading cross cultural successful teams and multi-million-dollar projects in small companies and in the Fortune 100.

  6. He practices what he preaches. He can save you the pain from avoidable mistakes with automation and teams.

  7. Chris has the seniority and gravitas required on the stage.  He  delivers insights and inspiration with humility and humor.

  8. He has both the formal education and lessons from the school of hard knocks required to reach your audience.

  9. Your audience will put down their smart phones.

  10. He will guarantee your satisfaction.

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Watch Chris in Action

Watch Chris in Action



"Inviting Christopher Hodges to be a keynote speaker at our all employee meeting was an excellent decision and directly lead to a high energy, credible and useful start to our all important country practice meeting. Chris has the gravitas and content to connect with our high performing colleagues.”

Martin Soegard - Managing Partner, Deloitte Nordics

“Chris Hodges inspired our team to see beyond the fear of automation and focus on how we can be more human while the machines relieve us of drudgery and tedium.” 

Loren Edelstein  -Vice President, Northstar Meetings Group

Chris was our keynote speaker on the topic of Helping Humans be Heroes in the age of automation.  His talk stimulated conversation, excited executives about change and helped our attendees see that the future as both exciting and inspiring.”

Barack Eilam – CEO NICE

"Chris delivered an engaging, funny and valuable keynote which inspired our team and whole business."

Casper Ryborg - Equity Partner PwC Denmark

"“Christopher Hodges is a captivating speaker on the topics of leadership, change and technology implementation. His corporate experience across continents provides credibility and his passion and energy for the topics create optimism and momentum.


Chris has delivered several impactful keynotes and performed as conference chair for Proqis.” 

Brian Reffell

CCO & Programme Director Proqis

Program Details

"Thank you so much again for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and time with the iPlacers this morning. Your presentation was fantastic and relevant for both our managers and aspiring managers. You did a great job of driving (with a Volvo) home the importance of managers developing their team members, making them feel genuinely important, and encouraging them to become heroes. Hopefully our aspiring managers got the nudge they need to take a chance and propose ways to create value – especially in showing leadership in implementing new technology.

Hank Levine

President and CEO


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