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About Chris

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Christopher Hodges works with individual leaders and teams to  realize their highest professional potential especially with automation and team performance. He is the author of “Noble Automation Now”, a public speaker and consultant.


He brings the best of what he has learned from 30 years as a corporate executive, consulting partner and US Naval Officer to helping organizations thrive.


Today’s challenges require melding the potential of a fully engaged workforce with the wizardry of automation and AI. Chris calls this Noble Automation.


To serve clients, Chris has carefully curated a unique combination of principles, tools and techniques that underpin and propel team success.


Chris works with brave and committed leaders to serve all their stakeholders, resulting in more innovation, employee enthusiasm and business success.


Previously Chris was Intelligent Automaton leader for Northern Europe (Accenture and Deloitte), Managing director at Accenture USA, GE executive, author and entrepreneur.

He is a graduate of the US Naval Academy, Annapolis and the London Business School.


Chris lives with his wife, Chihiro, in Denver, Colorado.

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