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Noble Automation


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The keys to your success

Your success depends on YOUR LEADERSHIP, a PLAN and some proven TECHNIQUES. Chris will work with you on all three.

  1. YOU are already successful. Building from that and working together you will channel that success through your team to make Noble Automation real

  2. Your PLAN will start from where you are, whether that is a clean slate or an initiative that is facing challenges. Chris will work with you to customize it.

  3. Proven TECHNIQUES will save you time, money, and stress which leads directly to improved financials, relationships and even health.

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Noble Automation 1 Day workshop


  • Noble Automation 1-Day workshop is a powerful and holistic jumpstart for your business to succeed with automation. 

  • The participants: The leadership team empowered to make your automation vision real. (Senior leadership is required for the first and last portions)

  • The immersive and participative event covers the full “Noble Automation Now Method” for successful Intelligent Automation. 


  • The lab includes an opening session, three working sessions and a final wrap up to detail your next steps. 

  • The day begins with the big picture and overall journey. This is where you come together on what matters most.

  • Three concentrated workstreams then work on the the leadership and Implementation steps. Who, What, When, Where, and How

  • The streams then focus on creating a Hero’s Journey for your teams - helping humans be heroes with Noble Automation. This is the magic.

  • The day finishes with creating the empowering and unified messages required for the whole team to succeed. 

  • Your team will work directly with Chris (in person or over Zoom).

Results you should expect


Achieve leadership alignment: 

  • Why you are embracing automation 

  • Who will be involved 

  • When you will start 

  • Where you will focus 

  • How you will move forward 

  • What you will improve 

  • Learn how to retain your best people 

  • Understand the art of the possible with Intelligent Automation 

  • Create a compelling and exciting path forward

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