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Every company can increase automation and motivation


1 - Do your results need Intelligent Automation?

2 - Is your team worried? 

3 - Do your leaders need help?

Chris helps leaders embrace automation 

  • Create enthusiasm

  • Build loyalty 

  • Increase innovation


Call Chris to help YOU.

Chat with Chris about your event

Chat with Chris about your event

Chat with Chris about your event

Chat with Chris about your event

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Does this sound familiar?

You need more effectiveness and profitability and you think automation may help, but…

  • You are not sure how to use it.

  • You are not sure what it does.

  • Your team is worried about job loss.

  • You don't want to damage your company or your career.

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Your needs drive any speaking or consulting engagement.

Typical areas of focus for Noble Automation include:

How I can help you inspire your team to:

  • Be fully engaged with your business

  • Unleash their creativity

  • Embrace the future



Explore the art of the possible:

  • See what these tools can do

  • Identify your business opportunities

  • Create a roadmap


How to set up to succeed:

  • Build a team to win

  • Learn what works and doesn’t

  • Create Heroes not captives

Which service is right for you?

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Customized Keynote

Chris has spoken to more than 10,000 people, in 10 countries. He will customize the topic to suit your organization and culture all with energy, insight and humor.

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Executive & Team Coaching

When you want a partner to help you and your team through the challenges and work steadily toward your goals, coaching with Chris will get you there.

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Noble Automation Workshops

During Chris’ practical and interactive workshops you will apply the proven leadership steps to Profit, Innovate, and Motivate with Automation.

Noble Automation Now!

Innovate, Motivate, and Transform with Intelligent Automation and Beyond

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